Chutney : Short Film Review (Large Short Films by Royal Stag)

Brainchild of  Director Jyoti Kapur Das and Tisca Chopra ‘Chutney’ is a home maid recipe for a thriller-drama which can chill your spine with its dreadful plot that unfolds notoriously.

Vinita, a middle aged house wife played by Chopra is hanging in a dysfuctional family where the only thing

left to her is to retain her posssesion(Adil Hussain),which was threatened by a much younger and more beautiful acquaintance, played by Rasika Dugal.

After noticing  the increasing intimacy between her husband and her competitor at a neighborhood party in Model Town(New Delhi) she immediately invites the lady to her house to teach her some culinary lessons on a bright afternoon.

What follows next is a mastered story telling wrapped up in glittering performances by the cast.

Specially Chopra , her command on expressions  and dialect makes us feel that she has gone an extra mile to prove the genuinity of her

characterisation which is further complimented  by Adil Hussain’s caricature of a chivalrous businessman is extremely cheerful and alluring. He mesmerizes even in the minor glimpses.

Rasika Duggal who shared the silverscreen with chopra in their critically aclaimed movie ‘Qissa(2011)’ gave a clear cut performance which showed her maxim as an actor.

Apart from that, Chutney exemplifies a very hard hiting reality of the Indian society where heirarchies are layered within a heirarchy,where each and every person tries to dominate the person whom he can.

In terms of cinematograpy, it is not very experimental rather detailed. The eye of the camera never misses out on a single uneasy situation and the handheld camera movements gave a ramdomness to situations.

Colour palette was often inconsistant and the shots seemed to be repeatitive at some points.

The Editor walked a tight rope in terms of making decisions. The scenes were intricately built keeping in mind the perspective of the story but at some places it was almost monotonous.

Due credit should be awarded to the writer for keeping the essence of scenes alive in every line.

All in all we came to the conclusion that this chutney is not just a side dish but the epicentre of the thali which will feed your hunger up to the throat.

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