Q 1: How do I pay for the films that I want to watch? How many times can I watch the film?

Ans: You can pay directly on the website through wallet, UPI,debit/credit card, net banking etc. You can watch the film upto five times during the rental period post which your access to be the film will expire.

Q2: Which devices are compatible for streaming? 

Ans: You can view the films for best experience from a PC/laptop. We will be launching the app soon!

Q 3: Do I need to have an account with the platform to purchase films? 

Ans: Yes, you need to create an account to watch and purchase films.

Q4: Are the films available for offline viewing?

    Ans: As of now, the films are only available for online viewing.

    Q5: I paid for the film but I couldn’t watch it in the viewing period, is there any way to get an extension? 

    Ans: No, you will have to pay once more. Please ensure that you watch it within the viewing period!

    Q6: Can I get a refund on the film if I didn’t like it/ I couldn’t watch it in the viewing period?

    Ans:  We don’t have a refund policy. All the films have been curated carefully by our team so that only quality cinema gets to you.

    Q7: How can I support filmmakers whose work I like? 

      Ans: Spread the word and recommend the film to others! You can also write to us if you would like to fund or partner with any filmmaker, we would be happy to connect them to you. Please write to us on hello@cinemapreneur.com

      Q8: How is TVOD different from SVOD?

        Ans: Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) is a service where users get unlimited access to all content on a platform for a fixed amount of money that is paid according to the time period of the subscription (e.g. getting a Netflix sub for a month). Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) on the other hand, is when there is no subscription giving overall access to content-- users pay for individual media. This is the system we follow.

        Q9: How is Cinemapreneur different from your regular OTT platforms?

          Ans: Most of the major OTT platforms offer films by big production houses or those that have seen a commercial release. We are a platform for curating the best of Indian independent cinema, whether it’s shorts, features or documentaries. Monetization channels for them are limited and we are trying to change this to help the industry grow.

          Q10: Can I recommend some other films to be available on the platform?

            Ans: Yes, we are always open to recommendations. You can submit your recommendation by sending an email to hello@cinemapreneur.com